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November 1st - 10th | Master Certified Food & Beverage Director (MCFBD) | Live Zoom Class | Email us to sign up or learn more!

November 15th| Sexual Harassment Prevention Training | In-Person - Norwich, NY | Two Classes Available | Email us to sign up or learn more!

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Welcome to the Foodservice Institute!

"If it was not for your courses, I would have not been promoted to Warrant, and LDO. You are the best. Thank you for being there for my career... You and your classes are AWESOME!!"

LT John Harrison, USN Hey Ed.

"I took your class in 2016, retired now, 8 months later, and I am the top candidate for a $55,000 job with a prison near me. They said the reason I was the top candidate was the certifications I earned in your class."

SFC Sharon Murillo, U. S. Army

"Ed, your symposium was superb, I attended in 2009 and again in 2016. The knowledge and certifications are the keystone to my business start-up. The small amount spent from my GI bill doesn't even come close to the value of your program. I also received additional knowledge from the personal & professional experience you shared with me outside the classroom. Priceless!!! "

Colonel Rock Henry, U. S. Army

"In 2016, 50% of the Culinary Specialists who made E-7 had been in my class. In FY16 and FY17, 34% of those who made E-7—E-9 had been in my class. CWO3 Mike Carter, formerly 7 years at the White House and now an instructor at Navy Supply School, just told me that he sat on 5 or 6 promotions boards, and certifications absolutely do help. "

Navy E-7, E-8 and E-9 Promotions

"I am a past Navy E-8 Selection Board MBR. I can't stress enough the importance of certifications highlighted in a candidates package. We looked at certifications as an enhancer to the candidates record. "YES" it breaks you out from your peers! The Military Sealift Command has not stopped contacting me since I provided them with copies of my certifications. I was also hired on the spot by MWR as a Food and Beverage Night Manager. "

CSCM Rory Bacon, USN

"I am the Executive Chef/Cafe Supervisor at Kaiser Hospital in Hawaii. I really believe because of my certifications and other qualifications I obtained I was able to get this job. They were impressed with my resume and my certifications. CS1 Villanueva also retired and landed a job at Zippy's as a Corporate Chef. So you can share your stories with the success of former clients who retired and landed Manager/Executive positions. "

empower your future with certifications

Who can be certified?


Our certifications are geared for individuals already within or interested in entering the foodservice industry. We encourage foodservice operation owners, front-of-house, back-of-house and mangers to take our certifications to help them improve food safety, productivity and customer satisfaction. 

WhY get certified?


Certifications provide proof to an employer or client of training in a particular subject in the field, ie. Food Safety. With a certifictions, indidvuals can receive employment, promotions or pay increases. In addition, education allows employees to feel more confident in their job and when completing a task, reducing the possibility of error.

How to get certified?


The Foodservice Institute provides three different ways to take the trainings and get certified! 

  1. Self-Paced Online Training using a pre-recorded video and presentation.
  2. Live Online Trainings through Zoom.
  3. Live In-Person Classes (depends on location).


Foodservice in a nutshell podcast

Hosted by Ed Manley, MCFBD, CHP, MCFP, Founder of the Foodservice Institute

Ed Manley talks with successful people that all took different paths to get where they are today. Perhaps you will get ideas for your own future! Maybe you'll have questions answered from professionals doing well in your dream job! 

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We support active duty and veteran programs such as:

  • The Military Culinary Competition
  • The Enlisted Aide of the Year Award
  • Training and Certifications for Homeless Veterans

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Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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RETURN POLICY - If prior to taking an examination you would like a refund, send an email to hq@foodserviceinstitute.com or call 561-405-2525.  Once you test a refund is not possible.