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What Does MCFBD Mean?

Disclaimer –
We are not saying this person can take over your operation today, we ARE saying:

Like any training program or college, completion does not guarantee success in the world of work. Some certified chefs can't cook, and some college graduates can't manage. Here at Global Foodservice Institute, we believe that the people who have attained their Master Certified Food and Beverage Director (MCFBD) level certification have the following in common:

  • They Completed A 60-Hour Certification Refresher Course Either In an 8-Day Classroom Symposium Or Online (Similar To How You Would Study For the SATs Or the Bar Exam)
  • They Had Extensive Reading Assignments In the Books That Come With Each Class, & They Have A 7-Book Professional Library Plus Notes To Refresh Once On The Job
  • They Passed a Comprehensive Exam On Each Subject—Restaurant Management, Food Safety (Prometric's CPFM Or ServSafe), HACCP, Customer Service, Culinary Nutrition, Culinary Arts, Beverage Management, & Serving Alcohol Responsibly (ServSafe Alcohol)
  • They Passed the MCFBD Exam At the End Of the Program (With 10 Questions From Each Of the Exams To Test Their Retention Of the Information)
  • They Know More Than Most People (We Say About 90%) Who Are Applying For the Same Job
  • They Were Exposed To Areas Of the Industry That They Had No Or Little Knowledge Of Before, & Many Report Being Reenergized For Our Career Field, Knowing There Is More To the Industry Than Cooking & Serving
  • They Took the Initiative To Expand Their Knowledge & Professional Credentials (Most Paying With Their Own Funding Sources)
  • They Can Provide More Benefits To Their Employer By Virtue Of the Knowledge They Learned While Preparing For the Examinations
  • Their Achievement Puts Them In the Shorter Pile Of Resumes That Will Get An Interview So That Prospective Employers Can Assess Their Experience, Attitude, & Other Requirements for the Position. They'll Also Match the MCFBD With Their Demonstrated Knowledge. If You Are a CEC, You Are Still Going To Cook To Get The Chef Job. Similarly, Management Will Ask Questions To Verify the Knowledge Base.