master certified food and beverage director (mcfbd)

The purpose is to demonstrate retention of knowledge gained from completion of the prerequisite certification classes. Prerequisite is passing all 8 certifications: 

  1. Food Safety Manager - Simply Safe
  2. Certified in Customer Service (CCS)
  3. Certified in Culinary Nutrition (CCN)
  4. Certified in Culinary Professional (CCP) 
  5. Certified Beverage Professional (CBP)
  6. Serving Alcohol Safely - ServSafe
  7. Certified HACCP Professional (CHP)
  8. Master Certified Foodservice Professional (MCFP)

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""I took your class in 2016, retired now, 8 months later, and I am the top candidate for a $55,000 job with a prison near me. They said the reason I was the top candidate was the certifications I earned in your class.""

SFC Sharon Murillo, U.S. Army

"I am a past Navy E-8 Selection Board MBR. I can't stress enough the importance of certifications highlighted in a candidates package. We looked at certifications as an enhancer to the candidiates record. "YES" it breaks you out from your peers!""

CSCM Rory bacon, usn

""I had two specific times when the certifications help me while seeking a new opportunity in Las Vegas. Once, the Executive Chef has also recieved HACCP and MCFE certifications from Ed, so when I noted his lapel pins, we had a bonding moment. The other, for a national hotel chain, they stated they were very impressed with the certifications. Plus, the knowledge has helped me do a better job.""

Eric kornbluh, executive chef

"I am the Executive Chef/Cafe Supervisor here at the Kaisser Hospital in Hawaii. I really believe because of my certifications (CFE, HACCP & CPFM) and other qualifications I obtained, I was able to get this job. There were so impressed with my resume and certifcations they waited for me to retire.""

Kaisser Hospital, navy retired

Prerequiste Certifications

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