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Available Certifications

professional Certifications from gfi at suny, the national restuarant association and prometric

Get one of the three management certifications, both food safety certificates, the five specialized knowledge certifications, and then sit for the Ultimate Certification.  What you should get from these programs is included in our learning objectives.  All certifications include a book except CCP (only with CCP II-III) and MCFBD which is based on all the other tests and books.

FIRST - Pay using the BUY NOW button.
The receipt will have your test access code - write it down.
SECOND - The certification logo takes you to the training slide show and the test.


The Certification Test Review Board is comprised of chefs, managers and owners of:
Aramark (Rhode Island), CenterPlate/Sodexo (DC), DoubleTree/Hilton (San Francisco), Chef Robert Irvine Foods, HCA Healthcare (Austin, TX), Bay Colony Golf Club (Naples, FL), Vick's Vittles Restaurant & Air Force Base), and Safe Culinary Operation Restaurant Education (New Orleans).


Master Certified Food & Beverage Director (MCFBD)
This course reviews all of the aspects of managing a food-service operation, including customer service, food safety, restaurant math, purchasing, inventory control, beverage, human resources, kitchen, food and service management, menu design and analysis, accounting, and financial management. The examinations are progressively less difficult for MCFP, CFP and CFS--with MCFP being the hardest. We will send you a 0.25 lb. DVD copy of the course and instruct you on how to take the test once you have reviewed the course material.


Buy MCFP Now - $199

Master Certified Foodservice
Professional (MCFP)

Buy CFP Now - $179
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Certified Foodservice
Professional (CFP)
You will take the 

Buy CFS Now - $159
CFS Icon
Certified Foodservice
Supervisor (CFS)
You will take the


Buy CCS Now - $199

Certified in Customer
Service (CCS)


Culinary, Nutrition, Beverage, Alcohol, Customer Service.

Buy CAS Now - $119

Certified in Alcohol Service
(CAS) - using ServSafe Alcohol
Once you pay, contact HQ
at 561-929-4765.

Buy CCP Now - $259

Certified Culinary
Professional (CCP) Level I
Level II-III 5-days Includes 4-days of cooking for just $429!

Buy CBP Now - $299

Certified Beverage
Professional (CBP)
Buy CCN Now - $199

Certified in Culinary
Nutrition (CCN)

BUY CCP Symposium NOW - $798
Certified Culinary
Certified Culinary
Professional (CCP) Level I
Level II-III 5-days Includes 4-days of cooking for just $429!


Certified HACCP Professional (CHP)
Our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certification has been recognized for over 15 years.

Food Safety Manager

  • We use Nationally approved tests such as Prometric's CPFM, NRA's ServSafe or State Food Safety (for online at home testing)

  • Simply Safe Foodservice Certified (SSFC) comprises two levels that are for workers who don't need national certification but wouldn't it be nice if they knew enough to pass a test.  Worker level with no "bug" names and lots of cleaning, sanitizing and hand washing.  Supervisor level with sufficient "bug" names that they could react to a customer comment.  Currenly only Supervisor level is available online.  Contact us for how to take Worker level.
Buy HACCP Now - $369

Home Food Safety

Buy Simply Safe Food Safety
Supervisor Now - $49
Then click the logo
to take the test.

Buy Food Safety Now - $159.00

Buy Food Safety Manager (Prometric or ServSafe)
Once you pay contact us!

Buy State Food Safety
Test at home, they proctor you using your camera.
Once you pay contact us!

The Ultimate Certification

Master Certified F&B Director (MCFBD)
Pass all of the other classes first. The price includes certification from start to finish. All required certifications are included in this price—even the final exam. Credit is given for fees that have already been paid for the other certifications.

Buy MCFBD Now - $199

Buy Home FS - $19.95

The 5 Second Rule
I'm Your P.I.C.K.

But wait - there's more.

every home should have a p.i.c.k. - the person in charge of the kitchen.

what goes on in homes is scary.  the P.i.c.k. could be a child or adult who knows the 5-second rule is not a real rule.  your 6 year old might be telling you, "mommy you can't leave that on the counter. 

AND DO IT NOW AND SAVE $10 - A truly limited time offer at only $19.95 for this course which could save you thousands in doctor bills.

Details of the Course and Why do it
Select the details button to see WHAT you will learn, WHY it is critical that you learn it - especially to take care of your little kids and elderly parents - and how to use the course as a fun parlor game with your party guests - see how much they know and laugh at their honest tales about what THEY do at home.  De-bunk the Five Second Rule.

A must for every household.  The next time you visit your friends or relatives, you may not stay for dinner, with good reason - smile.

The best $29.95 (currently $19.95) you will ever spend - for your family.