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Ed Manley—who is president of Foodservice Institute (formerly E. H. Manley and Associates)—was in the United States Navy for 21 years. His career included serving as a Chief Hospital Corpsman and a Lieutenant Commander, medical service corps, hospital foodservice director. He spent 8 years as food service director of a 400-bed hospital in Florida.

Ed Manley

He was sent to Cornell University to learn hotel administration, and while there became a member of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA). When he graduated and went to his first duty station in Orlando, he became Branch President of that Branch of IFSEA, and later a Branch in South Florida, rising then through the ranks to Chairman of the Board, and was then hired as President, managing IFSEA from 1989 to 2008.

In 2003, Ed Manley began teaching HACCP in Las Vegas and then answered a call from the United States Coast Guard to do some training at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Almost 200 four-day food safety symposiums have earned over 11,000 professional certifications for over 4,000 students. Here's a list of all of those who have earned certifications through our symposium certification program since we started in 2004. Click here to see our class photos.

Dave Zander

Dave Zander recently joined the staff of the Foodservice Institute as Executive Vice President.  Following a Navy career in the submarine service, his certifications caught the attention of the Winn Dixie grocery store chain.  He spent 7 years managing their stores, leaving to go to college full time in order to earn his MBA.  Once that was completed, Dave reached out to what he saw as the perfect place for him, to help military personnel and others to attain THEIR dreams, just as he is in the process of building his own legacy. For Dave Zander's resume, please click here.

Dave Zander

Creating Classes That Help Military Veterans

While managing IFSEA, Ed Manley negotiated the right to a management exam from another large association, a 200 question exam that became known as the "holy crap" test, very difficult. Determining that most people couldn't pass the exam without training, Ed put together a training program and book, and began traveling to military bases to provide the missing knowledge. 4000 people and 11000 certifications later, the Foodservice Institute continues that work. Ed recognized the need for food safety and HACCP training as well, and so the training was for 4 days and those 3 subjects.

In 2010, Ed partnered with the SUNY campus at Morrisville, and Dr. Joan Johnson, to create the Global Foodservice Institute (GFI) which owns 7 of the 9 certifications offered. For the others, we use a test from the National Restaurant Association for alcohol service and one from Prometric for food safety. Having chaired a DOL project for what you need to "know, be and do" to work in various aspects of our industry, Ed and the teams from SUNY and Pearson Education, 4 educational classes were added, plus the final exam, MCFBD which tests the retention of knowledge from all the classes.

Many people use their GI Bill, others get corporate or command sponsorship among other funding sources. Informing Ed's ability to create this program was the DOLSkill Standards for Hospitality and Tourism, a B. S. from the top hotel school in the world, Cornell, a Master's Degree, 20 years of health care food service management, as well as his 21 year Navy career and then managing IFSEA for 18 years, which brought him into contact with thousands of military personnel. The material we cover is civilian, thus it is relevant for civilians and military, we have just chosen to focus our core on military.

Ed Manley teaches homeless veterans the same hospitality courses that he taught to the personnel that serve the President, and he holds a master's degree in management. For Edward Manley's CV, please click here.

Dr. Johnson Speaks On Validating Our Certifications

"Providing certifications from the Global Foodservice Institute, with HQ at the State University of New York at Morrisville. GFI certifications work no matter your rank, or your current job. You might be in avionics, but seek a foodservice career in civilian life. Our students are like rainbows, they come in all colors, sizes but have a similar desire, to better their chances at success."

Dr. Joan Johnson, a professor at SUNY Morrisville for 30 years, with a strong corporate background prior to that. Dr. Johnson, Executive Director of GFI, was instrumental in building the certification exams, and she answers questions about certification reviews, how much you can learn in a day, what employers can expect, and which ones value certifications. This may help you decide for yourself what your available and then best options are to build your career. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Click here to see our facts and opinions.

Partners in Education


The tests administered are owned by The Global Foodservice Institute, which is set up at The State University of New York at Morrisville.

Pearson Learning Solutions

Pearson Learning Solutions is responsible for the study materials that accompany our certification preparation training.


Food Safety Certifications are owned by Prometric, a U.S. company in the test administration industry.

National Restaurant Association

IFSI’s Alcohol Service - utilizing ServSafe Alcohol Certification is owned by the National Restaurant Association.

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