Certified haccp professional (chp)

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) address food safety concerns of food from the farm to the fork - where do problems happy, who and how can we prevent them. Students learn procedures of organization, monitoring, corrective actions and documentation which can be used in a wide array of businesses. Food Safety is a hot item today and HACCP takes it to a new level.

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"You will be pleased to know that your HACCP training was put to good use. FDA is using us as a training site for the Board of Health to inspect HACCP in schools."

Gordon morris, F&B Director, Kamehameha schools, hawaii

""I landed a great Kitchen Manager position with a BBQ restaurnant in Rochester. They told me later they would have hired me on the spot because of my resume and certifications. I am glad I took the course because we deal with numbers like 250 racks of ribs, 120 chicken halves, 120 lbs. of chicken wings, 200 lbs. of pork and 100 lbs. of brisket daily!"

CSC Mark Adams, Navy (ret)

"Winn-Dixie grocery chain saw HACCP on my resume and called. He asked if I could put a HACCP program together for Winn-Dixie.  Absolutely!  So while on the line with me she got the VP on the phone and they created a job as regional director for Bakery & Deli.  I was praying for a $55,000 job, but this one paid $85,000. Ultimately I became General Manager of their stores, then ran Dollar General stores and a drug store.  Keep in mind that your scores can get you more jobs than job directly in food service."


csc dave zander, usn, ret - submariner 

""I got a job as the Assistant Director of a large school district in the Syracuse area, responsible for 15 schools, and feeding over 9,000 students. The Certified HACCP designation (in particular) along with the MCFE and CPFM played a signifiant role in my hiring."

duncan sproule, mcfe, CHP, CPFM

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