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In cooperation with the world's largest provider of workforce development training, Pearson Learning Solutions, and our training and testing partner, the Foodservice Institute, the Global Foodservice Initiative was established to provide professional certifications which would provide evidence that individuals have the knowledge to apply on the job and provide value to employers and clients.

Our mission is to provide the hospitality industry professionals with the tools to do a better job, thus making themselves more employable and more valuable once employed. Our certification programs for over 3000 individuals, who achieved over 8000 professional certifications, have helped hundreds of people get jobs, promotions, pay raises and special assignments. Not to mention feeling better about themselves and the hospitality industry as a place to work.

Let us help you to help yourself, whether you are a company desiring a more motivated workforce, or an individual looking to maximize your potential.

We make the process affordable for more people by bring the training and certification testing to military and civilian personnel around the world - we move our trainers to your location so you can train 20 people, rather than have you spend thousands to send one person to a school.