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Student Receiving MCFBD Certificate at the End of Class

We teach what you NEED to know, not more and not less!

The creator of this education and certification process, Ed Manley, was informed by key aspects of his own career, wherein his Navy commission offered him to opportunity to enter the food service industry with NO knowledge. After several years as Asst. and then Director of Navy hospital food service, he was sent to Cornell to get his BS in Hotel Management. He owned a catering company which also contracted with three K-12 Christian schools, ran a Cornell owned restaurant, and spent 18 years in health care food service. During that time Ed spent 3 years as Chairman of the Department of Labor’s Hospitality and Tourism Futures project, formed to determine what you need to “know, be and do,” to be the chef, supervisor, server, etc.

After all of that, Ed had a great grasp of what education would provide the cornerstone to a lifelong learning process. His own management strategy is to know a LITTLE about A LOT, rather than to be an expert in any one area. Then you hire experts in those areas, and you have a concept of what they know. So that is what these 8 courses are all about.

To document that knowledge, Ed put a team together of professors from SUNY Morrisville, industry experts in specific fields like food safety, HACCP and customer service, as well as using questions that Pearson Custom Publishing had as part of the books they had written on each subject.

Having started these training and certifications in 2003, and with over 4000 students earning over 11,000, we are the ONLY company that does what we do. No one else has figured out how to provide SO MUCH knowledge on SO MANY subjects in SO LITTLE time – and yet the knowledge sticks, our students tell us all the time it helped them at work years later, helped them in interviews years later, and helped them when they determined to open their own businesses.

You don’t know what you don’t know – so after this class you know a lot, and you have a sense of what you DON’T know. And we give you a professional library of 6 books, and a DVD with all the PowerPoint shows that we use in class. You can always refer to each for the rest of your life, and use them to teach people who work with you and for you. A treasury of knowledge that people with many years in the industry don’t know – now you will.

Recent and Scheduled Symposiums

  • Bahrain - July 14 - 21, 2017
  • USS Wasp, Norfolk, VA; 5th Fleet HQ, Bahrain

Past Symposiums

Class locations have included:

  • Washington DC area locations - The White House, Camp David, residences of the Vice President, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Chief of Naval Operations residence, Pentagon offices of the Secretaries of the Army and Navy; Bolling AFB, Patuxent NAS, Quantico; Navy Yard; CNIC Flag Mess, Fort Myer; Naval Academy, Fort Belvoir
  • Middle East military bases - Camp Victory, Iraq; Bagram, Afghanistan; Camp Arifjan, Kuwait; 5th Fleet HQ Bahrain.
  • Ships – USS Nimitz, USS Lawrence, USS George H. W. Bush, USS George Washington, USS Dwight Eisenhower, USS Wasp
    Pacific military bases - Schofield Barracks, Pearl Harbor, Hickham Field and the Coast Guard Base in Hawaii; Yokuska, Sasebo and Atsugi, Japan. Guam; Camp Humphreys, Korea; Okinawa;
  • European military bases – Army Schweinfurt and Kaiserslautern Germany; Navy Naples, Italy; Navy, Sicily
  • CONUS Army – Fort Lewis, Fort Polk, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Lee, Fort Carson, Fort Benning, Fort Wainwright, Fort Campbell, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Stewart, Fort Monroe
  • CONUS Marine Corps/Air Force /Coast Guard bases – Camp Lejeune, Keesler, AFB, Kirtland, AFB, Kodiak, Alaska; Coast Guard Academy, Eglin AFB
  • CONUS Navy bases – NAB, Naval Station, Balboa, San Diego; Great Lakes; NCB Gulfport, Bangor; Kitsap; Bath, Maine, Charleston; Port Hueneme; King’s Bay; NAS Lemoore
  • Civilian locations – Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Las Vegas; Honolulu, Hawaii; Albuquerque, NM; Chicago; various IFSEA Conference locations; Syracuse

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Taking Advantage Of High-Quality Resources

One of our guiding principles has been, "If you associate with quality people, you will be judged accordingly!" Here are the quality people that Global Foodservice Institute is associated with. This team has a lot of resources to bring to the table, so the wheel doesn't have to be reinvented—at your expense.

Our tests are owned by The Global Foodservice Institute, which is set up at Morrisville State College. The "Manley Team" at Pearson Learning Solutions is responsible for the study materials that accompany our certification preparation training.

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